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This is the place for answers to the questions that are often raised by candidates.

Is it an official degree? 

Yes, the "Energy strategies" master degree is a national diploma delivered, with the authorization of the French state, by ParisTech, for courses ensured by MINES ParisTech. 

Who can apply?

Students with a basic education in science and technology (minimum baccalaureate or A-level equivalent +4 years - 210 ECTS or Bachelor’s degree - 180 ECTS - and an exception made for professional experience).

The master’s is mostly for foreign students studying in partner universities linked to the school via its mobility programs (Erasmus, Unitech, Singapour, China, etc...) and by specific agreements for this degree.

How can I apply?

To apply you must complete the requested information and documents on the online application form. Your application for this master degree is then evaluated. If it is accepted, you will receive an email to set up an interview with the admission jury (generally by phone). A written test sent by email will also be required.

How much are the tuition fees?

11 000€ (10 500 € fees and about 250 € for health and other insurances) and 5 500 € for ERASMUS partner institutions.

Is funding from companies available? 

There is not yet agreements with companies that would deliver a number of scolarships per year. Companies are primarily interested by certain nationalities and competences (where they are implanted / want to develop their activities). Scolarships from companies covering the master fees and living expenses are thus rather exceptional and not standard. However, it should be noticed that companies are already largely financing the master, indirectly via the laboratory internship (in general payed by research contracts), and directly via the industrial internship.