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Company Internship

This traineeship is undertaken in a company, most of the time in France. 

This kind of traineeship, quite common in France, is only starting to be used in the other european education systems. It is a first experience with the industrial world, highly valued by companies. Furthermore it allows students to explore a field or type of company, and may even lead to a first job.

The internship reports can be found at the school library and under electronic format upon request, if these are not (or no longer) confidential. 

A few examples of industry internships are listed below:

- Thermal integration of an air separation unit and of a regaseification LNG terminal (Air Liquide)

- Improvement of the model used by the French TSO for electricy planning (RTE) 

- Sensitivity analysis of roll front modelling (AREVA)

- Development of a methodology to measure buildings energy performance (Advitam, Groupe Vinci)

- Acquisitions, mergers and investments in the energy sector (EdF)

- Smart Grids and electric vehicles (GdF Suez)