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The funding of your study project in the Energy Strategy Master’s will be discussed during the interview. It is necessary to have a financing plan, personal or scolarship, to join the programme. You will find more information on the necessary budget by looking at the page on tuition fees.

Scholarships from your country of origin

Different scolarship programmes exist depending on your country. You need to consult the national authorities to find the adapted scolarship. Be aware most funding schemes require to apply at least 8 months before the beginning of the programme. 


Some companies do offer internships for specific nationalities and compentences. See for instance the futuro programme for Spanish applicants.
Full industrial scolarships are available for German speaking applicants and libanese students.
Erasmus scholarships

These are for students from european universities and certain countries bordering Europe. Please contact your home school’s management

French Foreign affairs ministry scholarships

You must look at the french embassy website, or your country’s consulate. Here you can see the links to the organisms representing France abroad.